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Adding social images to phpBB

By zhunt / 10th October, 2020

What we’re going to do is edit the overall_header.html file for the theme. It’s usually located in the /styles/ folder /forum/styles/prosilver/template One thing to keep in mind is the templates are actually Twig files, so they are generated usually the first time the file is used. Twig is a template system that is meant for […]


HTTPS, CakePHP, and Cloudflare

By zhunt / 19th June, 2020

I’ve been using Dreamhost for a few years, as well as making it easy to run the newest versions of PHP, it also has easy to set-up Lets Encrypt and Cloudflare support. Getting a CakePHP site with Lets Encrypt was easy, but adding Cloudfare to the mix gave an odd error. Turns out the solution […]


Setting up CakePHP 4 on XAMPP

By zhunt / 4th April, 2020

Had a few hours free yesterday, decided to try out CakePHP 4 after using version 3 last about a year ago. Here are a few gotchas I ran into. Easy to solve, but took a bit of Googling to find…


Installing CakePHP 3 on Dreamhost Shared Hosting

By zhunt / 9th October, 2017

I’ve used Dreamhost for several years for WordPress blogs, static blogs and a number of CakePHP 2 projects over the years. But because CakePHP 3 needs some non-default extensions running, I assumed would be require a dedicated server as opposed to a shared host, something that a bit of Googling seemed to confirm – turns out […]